Writing challenge!

Have a look at this animation called ‘the present’- what impression do we get of this boy? How does he change throughout the film?

Can you write a story based on this, about someone receiving a present that they didn’t want and they learn to appreciate it?

Or could you write a letter to the boy explaining how he should treat his puppy and why it doesn’t matter that he isn’t the same as other dogs?

Finally, you could write a guide on how to look after a pet- which would help the boy out.

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My Maths – a useful revision tool

With our SATs tests fast approaching, My Maths is a great resource for you to learn and revise from.

Click here to take you directly to the My Maths webpage¬†and log on using the school’s username and password.

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Mission to Mars

This term, we are working on an amazing, new IPC unit called Mission to Mars. In this, we will discover all about the fascinating planets and solar system- and what it would be like to live on Mars. Who has got some ideas about what you think it would be like? Do you think it would be good living on Mars? What do you think astronauts would discover there?


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