Where in the world have dinosaurs been discovered?

Did the world always look like this?

How has the world changed?

What was the world like millions of years ago?



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4 Responses to Where in the world have dinosaurs been discovered?

  1. Abdurrehman says:

    The world one super continent that was called Pangea.

  2. Misbah says:

    Mrs Conner the wold was like a million years ago Pangea

  3. Percy says:

    Uh..I don’t know much but my fav dinosaur was a T REX so…:) The world was not separated into different country’s like it is now!!

  4. Aimee says:

    I loved learning about the dinosaurs and cant wait for the next topic.Did you know that there was a bird called a dodo that lived with the dinosaurs?The best lesson was when we made the dinosaur models and when we went on power point and made a small power point all about them.

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