Year 4 have been learning about paleontologists

Do you know what a paleontologist does?

Can you name any paleontologists?

Can you tell me any facts about paleontologists?

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5 Responses to Year 4 have been learning about paleontologists

  1. Halima Ahmed says:

    A paleontologist is a person that finds fossils using a chisel and a hammer.

  2. Halima Ahmed says:

    I know lots of paleontologist: Jack Honer, Mary Anning and Richard Owen.

  3. Aimee says:

    Mary Anning:
    She was a paleontologist from England
    Her dad died when she was 12
    She found a pleisiosaur
    She wanted to find out more about dinosaurs
    She had a freind called Henry La Beche
    She couldn’t join the science commitee
    Got angry with the scientists

  4. Abdurrehman says:

    Hi Mrs coner I am answering the qestions.

  5. Misbah sheikh says:

    hey Mrs Connor i love ur class i love learning about foot print of the past and i know what a pelintolegest is its someone that learns about dinosaurs and who finds fossels they use a hammer and chisel

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