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  1. Danniell says:

    I enjoyed learning about the palaeontologists and we had them in our guided reading swell. A palaeontologist is a person that studies about fossils and finds them interesting. People like Mary and Richard Owens are famous palaeontologists and so is John Horner. But all palaeontologists don’t have to be the same do they? Well for that I am certin. Lets talk about the palaeontologists shall we. So lets start off with Mary Anning. This woman has lived a full life hasn’t she? She was born in 1799 but has sadly died in 1847. I know Mary can still hunt for fossils even tho she’s dead, she will still hunt for fossils because we can remember her from her heart. She was also a dealer of fossils. This lady came around the world for important finds that she made in jurassic marine fossil beds in the cliffs across the English channel at Lyme Reigns in the country of Dorset in South England. Now there she lies in St Michaels church. Now let’s talk about Richard Owens. Now this guy is the same as Mary Anning but Owns is a pro master at finding fossils and he was a biologist aswell so he’s both actually. Like I just said he’s a pro master. Sir Rchard Owens KCB FRMS FRS was an English biologist, comperetive anatomist and palaeontologist. Despite being a controversial figure, Owen is generally considered an outstanding naturalist.

    Thank you for reading

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