When did dinosaurs live on the earth?

Year 4 have been learning about when dinosaurs lived on the earth.

Do you know any facts about the different dinosaur time periods?





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7 Responses to When did dinosaurs live on the earth?

  1. Curtis says:

    Hi miss Conner dinosaurs are very interesting and there is one question that i really want to know and it is how was dinosaurs made because they just cant appear?

  2. Halima Ahmed says:

    Hi Mrs Connar I have done some extra research and I have drawn some pictures at the back . Also I have labeled them both sides are full.

  3. carson says:

    Hi Mrs Conner I was researching about 2 dinosaurs.

  4. Aimee says:

    Hi Mrs Connor
    I love the post and I have learnt more about dinosaurs and the time periods in which they live in.Did you know the diplodocus lived in the Jurassic period?I am so exited to learn more about the dinosaurs and the different palaeontologists that found all the different kind of dinosaurs and at least we have 2 experts in our class.

  5. Danniell. says:

    Hello Mrs Connor. I know that I’m not in your class but I couldn’t find Mrs Haydocks posts. I’ve learnt about dinosaurs aswell with my teacher Mrs Haydock. My favourite period is the Cretetious period because this were the Earths first plants and I like learning about dinosaurs and my favourite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its eminie the Spinosaurus and the Eorapter. I might read your mind and say that the Brachiosaurus is your favourite but I like the meat eaters more. Carnivores. Did you know that the meat eater dinosaurs survived longer than the plant eaters. This topic is great and I know that everybody in both Y4 classes are enjoying this topic Footprints From The Past. I’m so exited to learn about more of the dinosaurs. Plus my class have watched Walking With Dinosaurs. Thank you for reading my post and the Lord Bless you with all my heart. Danniell.

  6. Aimee says:

    Now we have finished the topic I know loads about dinosaurs this was the best topic ever.

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