Year 4 are learning all about the brain and how it learns best.

Year 4 have been thinking about how we learn best.

Can you answer some of these questions?

Why do  we have a brain?

How does the brain work?

What are neurons?

How can you look after your brain?

What helps the brain to learn best?

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8 Responses to Year 4 are learning all about the brain and how it learns best.

  1. Aayan says:

    Your brain contains billions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinate thought, emotion, behavior, movement and sensation. A complicated highway system of nerves connects your brain to the rest of your body, so communication can occur in split seconds.

  2. zara says:

    Nerons are something in your brain and when ever you learn something your nearons connent and it carrys on and on.

  3. mariam says:

    hello mrs Connor

  4. Abdur-rehman says:

    I am working on my 8,7,3,4 timetables

  5. Asfahaan says:

    Hi Mrs Conner i am on my 2 times tabels . I will practise my 2 times tabels tonight.

  6. Halima says:

    I am on my two division facts

  7. Aimee says:

    Every time the brain learns new information you make old and new connections with your neurons and you need to keep them healthy by keeping them hydrated and have plenty of glucose but that doesn’t meen you can eat sugery food because it isn’t healthy for your brain.

  8. Danniell says:

    Hi Mrs Connor, I’ve been looking and searching for E safety and I know some facts.One fact is that you DON’T PUT YOUR PERSANOL INFORMATION ONLINE because people can see and might hack in your account and then the person that hacked in your account , stole all your money and put it in his account. Fact number 2. If someone is bullying you online that means you go to an adult and they will solve it but if that happens again just block or report them. Or if they keep on telling you that your fat, idiot, stupid or any othe names. Thats called cyber bullying. So don’t go online and ask people anything just play your own game or you will get bullied and that is called cyber bullying.

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