Times Tables

What times tables are you working on?



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27 Responses to Times Tables

  1. Konrad says:

    Heyy that’s pretty good!

  2. saif says:

    my favourite lesson was PE games

  3. Ali Raza Ahmed says:

    I enjoy learning my times table thanks for teaching me.

  4. zara says:

    I love doing times table and in each one I got 28 out 28!

  5. Amna says:

    Hi miss Connor I’m learning my time tables

  6. Amna says:

    Hi miss Connor l hope you have a great p.e lessen

  7. Curtis says:

    i am on my 3 time tables.

  8. Abu says:

    I am working on my 3s

  9. katelyn says:

    i am still working on my 2s and 3s all most my 4s.

  10. Abu says:

    I am on my 3s

  11. Ali Raza says:

    Hi Mrs.Conner I’m learning my 4 times table I hope I move up the times table ladder.

  12. Zaki says:

    I am working on my 5 division facts

  13. Aayan says:

    Tonight I will practice my times tables.

  14. libby says:

    Hi Mrs Connor i am on my 2 times tables

  15. Aimee says:

    Hi Mrs Conner,
    learning my 2 times tables at school and home I like the games you are teaching us.
    Thank you,for teaching me how to learn them.

  16. zaraf says:

    I am on my 7 times table and when test me I am going straight to 12 and finshed!

  17. misbah says:

    i know my 2 time table and 3 time table when i go home i work on them

  18. zaraf says:

    I am on my seven time table and when you test me again I am going on my 12 then

  19. Jack. says:

    hello miss Conner I on my 2 time table.

  20. ali akbar says:

    in my division facts i got 8/10

  21. Halima says:

    Hi mrs conner I am practicing my 2 divion facts and I know all of them

  22. Halima says:

    Hi mrs conner

    I am practicing my 2 division facts and I know all of them

  23. Halima Ahmed says:

    Hi Mrs Connar I’ve been practicing my five times tables on hit the button and I got 18 out of 18 when I did it.

  24. carson says:

    Hello Mrs Conner I was learning my 3 tables and I had a new high score
    and it was 26 out of 26 and goodbye.

  25. KATELYN says:

    I have been practicing my division facts of my 5s xtables

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