Where in the world have dinosaurs been discovered?

Did the world always look like this?

How has the world changed?

What was the world like millions of years ago?



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Dinosaur Games

Here are some links to dinosaur games:





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Year 4 have been learning about paleontologists

Do you know what a paleontologist does?

Can you name any paleontologists?



Can you tell me any facts about paleontologists?

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When did dinosaurs live on the earth?

Year 4 have been learning about when dinosaurs lived on the earth.

Do you know any facts about the different dinosaur time periods?





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E Safety

Year 4 have been learning how to stay safe when using the internet.

Test your knowledge on these games and challenges.


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Year 4 are learning all about the brain and how it learns best.

Year 4 have been thinking about how we learn best.

Can you answer some of these questions?

Why do  we have a brain?

How does the brain work?

What are neurons?

How can you look after your brain?

What helps the brain to learn best?

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Welcome to Year 4

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Times Tables

What times tables are you working on?



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Practical Maths

Year 4 have had lots of fun learning this week. We have been using water and lots of different size containers to estimate and calculate different amounts.

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